Abstract Submission

The organizing committee of ISNNM 2024 invites all interested individuals to submit abstracts to be considered for oral/poster presentation. The presentation will be grouped according to the symposia listed above. Anyone who is interested in oral/poster presentation should submit an abstract no later than by March 31. 2024.
Abstract should be submitted on-line only through the conference website www.isnnm.org
Participants who wish to present a paper are invited to submit an abstract.
The abstract template for the ISNNM conference can be downloaded here.

  1. Abstract may be submitted via website only. Abstract via fax or e-mail will not be accepted.
  2. The abstract may not exceed 1-page, including text and figures.
  3. The abstract should state clearly the scope of the contribution, and should concentrate on essential results.
  4. The abstract should start with the Title of the paper in bold capital letter followed by the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the authors, and email address of the corresponding author. A short list of relevant References may be given at the end.
  5. Times font is recommended. The font size should be 10 points. All abstracts for Oral and Poster Presentations are to be subject to peer review.
  6. The abstracts for Oral and Poster Presentations should be submitted via the “Online Abstract/Paper Submittal System” at http://www.isnnm.org
  7. Authors should indicate their presentation preference on the web-site.
  8. All abstracts must be submitted electronically and written in English. (All presentation will be in English too.)
  9. Presentation Time: Plenary 30min / Keynote 25min / Invited 20min / Oral 15min
    (Including Q&A Time)