“ISNNM-2022 Awards” will be given to outstanding papers presented at the conference for following categories.

Höganäs Korea Best Student Presentation Award
Shinhan Diamond Best Presentation Award
ASFLOW Presentation Award
Best Presentation Award
ISNNM-2020 Awards List
Höganäs Korea Best Student Presentation Award
  • Yubin Kang, Byoungyong Im, Jin-Ho Yoon, Dae-Guen Kim and Chan-Gi Lee (Institute for Advanced Engineering)
    “Synthesis of Zeolite using Waste Resource for the Removal of Pb/Cd Ions from Aqueous Solution”
  • Ju-Young Cho, Yong-Ho Choa and Taek-Soo Kim* (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
    “Effect of Reduction Ratio on the Magnetic Properties of PrFeB Alloy Fabricated by Gas Atomization Process”
  • Dagyeong Lee, Hakhyun Kim, Heajin Moon, Hyun Seon Hong, Hyeongdeok Jeong, Sung-Soo Ryu* (Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology)
    “Effect of Additive Size and Content on the Densification of Al2O3 Ceramics with
    MgO–CaO–Al2O3–SiO2 Additives”
  • Hoseong Rhee, Jae hyeon Lee and Si Young Chang* (Korea Aerospace University)
    “Fabrication, Compaction and Sintering Characteristics of Ti-Al-Dy Alloy Powders by High Energy Ball Milling”
  • Yeon Jae Jung, Seong Ho Son*, Sung Cheol Park, Yong Hwan Kim, Bong Young Yoo* (Hanyang University)
    “A Study on Nitration Roasting for Selective Lithium Leaching of Cathode Active Materials from Spent Lithium-ion Batteries”
  • Hong Min, Minhye Seo, Sunwoo Nam and Soo Young Lee* (Institute for Advanced Engineering)
    “Development of Mechanical Strength Control Technology for Recycling of Waste Nd-Fe-B Magnets”
Shinhan Diamond Best Presentation Award
  • Young Il Kim, Dae-Kyeom Kim, Muhammad Waqas Khalid, Kyoung-Tae Park, Dongju Lee, Taek-Soo Kim, Young Do Kim and Bin Lee* (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
    “A Study on Surface Treatment of HDH Titanium Powder to Improvement the Flowability”
  • Peyala Dharmaiah, Dae-Hyeon Kim, Jun-woo Song, Jin-gu Kwon, Jin-Kyu Lee and Soon-Jik Hong* (Kongju National University)
    “Synergetic Effects of Co-dispersed Cu and Insulating HfO2 Nanoparticles Enabled High Thermoelectric Figure of Merit in Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3Composites”
  • Ha-Neul Kim*, Chae-Eon Lee, Mi-Ju Kim, Young-Jo Park, Jae-Woong Ko and Seong-Hwan Bae (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
    “The Effect of Silicon Particle Size on the Characteristics of Porous Sintered Reaction
    Bonded Silicon Nitride”
ASFLOW Presentation Award
  • Geum Ji Back, Da Gyeong Lee, Ha Yeon Song, Min Seo Lee, Sung Soo Ryu, Hyun Seon Hong* (Sungshin Women’s University)
    “Effects of Temperature and Precursor Concentration on the Synthesis of core–shell ZnSe/ZnS Quantum Dots”
  • Seung-Hwan Lee, Muhammad Aneeq Haq, Han Saem Lee, Yong-Ho Choa, Inhee Cho, Bum Sung Kim, Da-Woon Jeong* (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
    “Development of Harvesting Technology Eco-Friendly Energy from Transpiration in the Generator made by Electrospun”
  • Bora Ye, Myeung-jin Lee, Geumyeon Lee, Seung-Yeop Chun, Taewook Kim, Hong-Dae Kim* (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
    “Synthesis and Dispersion Properties of Surface Treated TiO2 as a Support of VOx based Catalysts for NH3-SCR”
  • Sung Gue Heo, Jae-Jin Sim, Kyoung-Tae Park, Soong Ju Oh, Seok-Jun Seo* (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
    “Synthesis and Characterization of Mesoporous Copper Oxide (CuO) Using Inverse Micelle Method for Non-enzymatic sensors”
  • Minji Gu, Shanigaram Mallesh, Wongyu Jang, Ki Hyeon Kim (Yeungnam University)
    “Microwave Electromagnetic Shielding Effects of FeCoNi layer on Graphene Oxide Coated Cellulose”
Best Presentation Awards
  • Sung Gue Heo, Jae-Jin Sim, Kyoung-Tae Park, Soong Ju Oh and Seok-Jun Seo (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
    “Synthesis and Characterization of Mesoporous Copper Oxide (CuO) Using Inverse Micelle Method for Non-enzymatic sensors”
  • Ga-Yeong Kim, Hee-Ryoung Cha, Tae-Hoon Kim, Dong-Hwan Kim, Yang-Do Kim* and Jung-Goo Lee (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
    “Effect of Post-annealing on Magnetic Properties and Microstructure of (Nd, M)-Fe-B Hot-deformed Magnets”
  • Min-Hyeok Park, Jun-Jae Li, Jae-Yeon Kim, Jong-Moon Kim, Chang-Yong Hyun and Jai-Won Byeon (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
    “Corrosion Inhibition Mechanism of Organic Tea-tree Extract Against Metallic Materials”
  • Seung-Hyeok Shin, Sang-Gyu Kim and Byoungchul Hwang (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
    “Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Tensile Properties in Dual-Phase Steels: Effects of
    Alloying Elements and Microstructural Factors”
  • Yoon-A Kim, Min-Jeong Lee, Hyeon-Ju Kim, Yu-Jeong Yi and Jung-Yeul Yun (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
    “Dispersion Behavior of Slurry for Wet Powder Spraying Process According to Powder Shape”
  • Jin Man Jang, Wonsik Lee and Hanshin Choi (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
    “Mechanical properties of Recycled Ti using Extrusion Process”
  • Hong-Baek Cho, Masanao Kanno, Tadachika Nakayama and Yong-Ho Choa (Hanyang University)
    “Design and Synthesis of Barium Ferrite based Hybrid Film with Highly Regulated Linear
  • Hojun Lee, Jinkwang Jang, Ye Jun Yun, Won June Choi, Chun Woong Park, Young Do Kim and Jongmin Byun (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
    “Oxidation Behavior of Surface Coated Molybdenum Boride Alloy via Silicon
  • strong>Jeong Hyun Kim, Myeongjun Ji, Jongmin Byun, Young-Keun Jeong, Sung-Tag Oh and Young-In Lee (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
    “Fabrication of Tungsten-based Alloy with Homogeneously Dispersed Yttrium Oxide
    Nanoparticles by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis and Spark Plasma Sintering”
  • Goo-Won Roh, Ju-Ho Lee, Hae-Seong Shin, Hee-Soo Kim, Jang-Soon Kim and Eun-Soo Park (EML)
    “Fabrication and Characterization of High-Purity Spherical Mo Powder for Metal 3D Printing”
  • Hogyun Ahn, Hooncheol Kim, Seongi Lee and Kwangmin Lee (Chonnam National University)
    “Refractory High-Entropy CoWMoCrNi Alloys Designed for Metallic Biomaterials:
    Thermodynamic Calculations and Experiments”
  • Jungjoon Kim, Minwoo Lee, Hwijun Kim, Jae Won Jeong, Sangsun Yang, Yongjin Kim and Hyunjoo Choi (Kookmin University)
    “Computational Approach to Increasing the Packing Fractions of Amorphous Powders”
  • Do-Hun Kwon, Eun-Ji Cha, Hwi Jun Kim and Kee-Ahn Lee (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
    “New Conceptual Method for Data Acquisition in the Artificial Intelligence Application during EIGA Process”
  • Ki-Hwan Kim, Seong-Jun Ha, Sang-Kyu Park, Seoung-Woo Kuk and Jeong-Yong Park (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
    “Preliminary Study of Frequency-Variable Vibration Packing Fabrication for Atomized Metallic Particulate Fuel Using Surrogate Spherical Powder”
  • Basudev Swain*, Chan Gi Lee and Jae Ryang Park (Institute for Advanced Engineering)
    “Synthesis of Core-Shell TiO2-Stearic Acid Powder for the Sunscreen”
  • Yong-Jae Lee, Won-Ki Jeong, Se Eun Shin and Dong-Geun Lee (Sunchon National University)
    “Effect of Rotation Speed on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in Ti-Cu Dissimilar Friction Stir Welding”
  • Namhun Kwon, Keunhyuk Ryu, Seyoung Lee, Myungsuk Kim, Jaeseok Roh, Seunghwan Ji, Jungeun Park and Kun-Jae Lee (Dankook University)
    “Synthesis of Molybdenum Trioxide Nanoparticles and Control Particle Properties through Growth Influence Parameters”
  • Kee-Ryung Park, Hong-Baek Cho and Yong-Ho Choa (Hanyang University)
    “Fabrication of Trough-plane Linear Thermal Conducting Routes in Nanocomposite Film using Graphene under Electric Field by avoiding Breakdown Voltage”
  • Hyeong-Jun Jeoung, Tae-Hyuk Lee, Jin-Young Lee, Young Min Kim, Kyung-Woo Yi and Jungshin Kang (Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources)
    “Development of Novel Molten Salt Electrolysis of Magnesium Oxide using Copper Cathode”
  • Young-Sin Choi, Do-Hun Kwon, Eun-Ji Cha, Jong-Ryoul Kim and Hwi-Jun Kim (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
    “Effect of Metalloid Additives on Soft Magnetic Properties and Amorphous Forming Ability of [Fe-Co]-Based Amorphous Alloys”
  • Jong In Choi, Dae Ha Kim, Jang-Won Kang, Hyunsoo Kang, Hyung-Ki Park, Won Hyun Rhee and Tae-Wook Na (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
    “Analysis of Residual Stress Formed by Cladding between Metal Matrix Composite Materials and Metals using Powder Metallurgy Process”
  • Chan Woong Park, Nana Kwabena Adomako and Jeoung Han Kim (Hanbat National University)
    “Interfacial Structure and Mechanical Properties of a Functionally Graded Material Composed of IN718 and Ti-6Al-4V Produced by Direct Energy Deposition”
  • Jungmin Kim, Junhyun Kwon, Hyung-Ha Jin and Suk Hoon Kang (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
    “Tensile Properties of 304L Austenitic Stainless Steel Produced by Additive Manufacturing”
  • Eun-ah Kim, Woo-jin Lee, Yeong-jin Woo, Se-hun Kwon, Dong-yeol Yang, Ji-hun Yu and Hak-sung Lee (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
    “Additive Manufacturing and Machine Learning for Small and Complicated Products”