Rare Metals and Recycling (RMR)
* Session Organizers

  Dr. Bum Sung KIM (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Republic of Korea)

This symposium will focus on rare earths and other critical materials. Critical Materials are increasingly becoming a critical strategic resource since the global demand for several electronic devices, instruments, defense equipment, magnets, pollution control catalysts and most high-technology. In these days, critical materials become a hot issue due to its core role to the main element as well as its rarity. Since the rarity is determined not only by its amount existent in earth, but also the balance between the demand and supply, the assurance has been propelled in various manners, such as exploration of new ores, recycling, substitution, etc. The symposium will commence with overviews of those minerals considered critical.

Topics of interest include
  • Critical Material Strategies
  • Rare Earth Projects, Process Technologies, and Markets
  • Recycling
  • Environmental Issues
  • Separation of REEs – technology, chemical and physical feed specifications
  • Optical, photonic, electronic, magnetic and energy applications of REE-based materials