Advanced Materials Processing (AMP)
* Session Organizers

  Prof. Kee-Ahn LEE (Inha University, Republic of Korea)

The Advanced Materials Processing is an interdisciplinary research area in materials science and engineering. This session covers the latest developments in Advanced Materials Processing such as synthesis, fabrication processing techniques, consolidation, properties and microstructure of those materials manufactured by new process. The present symposium intensively covers phase and structure analyses, characterization, properties, engineering and applications of advanced materials. Moreover, this session will provide the latest research results and a state-of-the-art overview of technology in the exciting and rapidly evolving field of Advanced Materials Processing. This symposium provides a platform for academics, scientists, technologists and industries to present innovations, exchange views, share results and discuss opinions and thoughts in the field of advanced materials and their processing technologies.

Topics of interest include
  • Noble manufacturing processes
  • Advanced powder processes
  • Advanced coating processes
  • Rapid manufacturing processes
  • Shaping of lightweight materials
  • Microstructure and phase analysis of advanced materials
  • Characterization and properties of advanced materials